How to Hold a Successful Board Meeting Online

Chair a Board Meeting

Due to the pandemic of influenza and the flu pandemic, more board meetings are now being held online. Remote work is likely to be a permanent change in how board members will function. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your meetings are productive and enjoyable. This article will present simple practices that you can adopt to enhance your virtual meetings.

Set clear goals for every item on the agenda. This will prevent you from unnecessary discussions and ensure that everyone in the meeting feel their input is valued. It’s also beneficial to clearly discern whether a subject is intended to gather information, generate discussion, or reach a conclusion so that your team does not continue to discuss the same subject when it’s been dealt with.

Encourage board members to test their Wi-Fi connections as well as audio/video equipment before the meeting starts so that the meeting can begin on a positive note. It’s also a good practice to encourage your attendees to silence themselves when they’re not talking so as to minimize background noise and avoid distractions.

Post the minutes of every meeting on your online portal, and send a link your board members via email. This will keep everyone on track and improve accountability between meetings. A dedicated software for managing board meetings such as Boardable can help you organize and keep all the board documents all in one place.