How to Conduct an Organization’s Election of Board Members

Board members are selected by their peers. They represent the interests of the organization and make major decisions on behalf of the company. The procedure for determining board members differs from one organization to another. Some organizations allow nominations by the committee, while others use Robert’s Rules of Order for the selection of board members. In either case, it’s essential that the rules and procedures are clearly laid out.

The process of identifying candidates is a continual process to ensure that the board has enough people with the skills and expertise required to achieve the organization’s goals and mission. The nominating committee is expected to examine each candidate and determine if they have the best mix of experience, skills, and perspectives to serve on the board. The nominating panel must also consider if the organization needs new expertise in areas such as financial management, marketing and fundraising strategic planning, diversity and inclusivity.

If the committee for nominations has an inventory of candidates who are qualified, it will present them to the board to be approved. The board will review each candidate and approve the nominees’ list which will be put to a vote of the whole membership. In addition to voting the board will also look over any candidates that were not chosen for the slate and select individuals to be added to the board as directors-at-large. The entire board will be able to vote on these directors at a later meeting. In most cases the nominees won’t be present at the time of voting to allow the board to discuss their qualifications and ask questions in the privacy of the room.

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