How to Choose the Right Board Member

The selection of the ideal board member is an important element in establishing your business structure. The board of directors is the face of your company and the decisions of the board members can have a significant impact on the way you conduct business. If a board is difficult to meet, doesn’t participate in meetings or is not in the same mindset as your values or the rest of the board, it may be time for them to be replaced.

A good board member is one who is committed to the mission of your organization. The passion for the issues that your nonprofit is addressing keeps board members on the same page long after the initial excitement has waned. They should also have some level of business or organizational expertise and an understanding of the rules of good business practice.

Seek out people with different age groups, ethnicities and experiences to be on your board. This will provide your board with diversity and allow you to present new perspectives to your leaders. Board members should be willing to challenge assumptions and play the devil’s attorney, even if they are built on their own personal experiences.

Find out if potential board members can give you an estimate of how much time they are willing to boardroom software vs traditional meeting apps dedicate to your board’s work and the work of its committees. Many people who are interested in joining a board do not realize the commitment required for the duties. During the process of vetting, be sure to uncover other commitments which may interfere with their ability to serve on your board.