Dealing With Board Directors

Boards of directors play a crucial role in holding non-profit organizations accountable for their fiduciary responsibilities and strategic direction. They are a group of people who have a variety of backgrounds and experiences to make decisions about the direction of an organization. Unfortunately, not all boards function smoothly. This is mostly due to a lack of proper planning, communication and training.

If a certain board member’s behavior is creating a significant amount of friction within the Board there is a good time to address that issue. If the director is acting aggressively, divisively or abusive the way they conduct themselves can affect the mission of the organization.

Direct intervention is the first step in dealing with problematic board members. The chair of the board must sit down with every member and explain to them why their behavior is not acceptable. Remind them that they were recruited for the board because of their experience and skills, and that it is in everyone’s best interests to work effectively together.

The next step is to gather facts and documents about the conduct of the member of the board who has caused an issue. A code of conduct can be an effective method to prevent inappropriate behavior since it defines expectations for board members.

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